Following up my last post about my favorite episodes of my 10 favorite shows.

This one is gonna go on a tangent, because the coincidence of this blog post about this show, and this particular episode being posted at a time like this is too big of an opportunity to not take advantage and join the BLM movement.

So yes, this is a coincidence, even though i adapted the drawing that wasn’t supposed to be like this, the scheduling and the order in my top 10 was prepared in advance.

major spoiler alert
don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens in Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new black is a wonderful, deep show and it talks a lot, A LOT, about white privilege, and also about all the unfair POC go through, in and out of prison. I chose season 4, episode 14 The Animals as my favourite, because it’s so gut wrenching and real, and i’m deeply convinced that the reason why we care so much about Poussey and what happens to her is because we know it happens every day in real life.

I can’t tell you how sad i am to see that reality met fiction, and i know that unfortunately, it’s not the only occurence of such an awful act.

I will leave you with something that my sister shared from @rickiehw insta:

Please talk about this, keep sharing, keep posting…



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