Following up last week’s post about my favorite episodes of my 10 favorite shows.

Next up is Six Feet Under, it is the only tv show where my favorite episode is the last one! And i think that has to be a great show for nailing its last episode, right? They are so often very disappointing…
I loved all of the show, every episode, every side story, every beginning especially. It could be so so funny even though we were 99% of the time in a funeral home, and it could be so sad it’d make you weep for 45 minutes. Always a perfect balance.

Throughout the five seasons, we follow the Fisher family who are running a funeral home. Each episode begins by the death of someone. It is all about death. It shows you how it’s the center of life, it happens, it’s there and it can be sad or tragic (even sometimes funny!) but the important thing is the living, the ones that stay.
It’s also all about transgression, it talks unapologetically about drugs, sex and religion amongst normal but f*cked up humans!

Lauren Ambrose as Claire Fisher

If you needed any more convincing to go and watch it, here it is: it was written by Alan Ball who also wrote American Beauty. You can really sense a lot of his touch both in the writing and aesthetic.

27 avril 2020



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    1 mai 2020

    J’aurais jamais pensé que c’était dans ton top 10 😉
    Et perso, je déteste la fin, je trouve qu’elle est nulle…. Mais la série est géniale, c’est clair!

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