Following up last week’s post about my favorite episodes of my 10 favorite shows.

I won’t surprise anyone by adding Buffy to my top 10 i believe. This is a crowd’s favorite, right? At least if it’s not amongst your favorite shows i don’t think we can be friends! aha.
Buffy was the show that i wasn’t allowed to watch with my mother and sister when it first aired in France. Because i was to young, blah blah blah. I climbed on the bandwagon when the train was long gone and started watching from season 3 or so til the very end, it was our saturday ritual.
I then of course, years later, rewatched the whole thing from the start, and as i was older, i noticed so much more depth (and dirty jokes!) that i didn’t get at eleven or twelve. And i fell in love all over again. Joss Whedon is my hero, i love his writing and ideas and feminism. He also wrote Firefly and Dollhouse that are amazing, even though they were cancelled.

But again with the dilemna… picking ONE episode out of all the amazing ones. Well, it wasn’t hard for me this time, because there is one that stands out completely in my opinion, it’s the musical episode. It’s a love it or hate it episode and i absolutely adore it, i think it’s amazing, i know all the songs by heart, even now, and it probably took a lot from the actors to do this episode. It’s really different from all the others and yet i think it fits perfectly into the style and storyline.

🌟 Pure magic 🌟

Plus, it’s the episode where we learn that Buffy was perfectly happy being dead and that she’s kinda pissed that her friends brought her back, because you see, the demon makes them sing and dance but also tell the truth in their songs. What a clever idea to speed up the plot Joss!
And we also finally get a Spike confession about his feelings towards Buffy and i’m #teamSpike forever and his song is my favourite of the entire episode.

🎶 « If my heart could beat it would break my chest » 🎶

So… did you love it or hate it? Do you have another favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

27 avril 2020



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