Following up last week’s post about my favorite episodes of my 10 favorite shows.

Next on my list is Lost. I know I know, pretty controversial one.
But it is one of my all time favorite show, despite the writers strike effect on season 4. And yes I like the ending!

This show contains some of my favorite characters ever, this is probably why I couldn’t choose only one episode. I’m cheating on this one and I’m choosing three specific episodes.

Lost is unconventional in the story telling and especially in the time line because each episode is usually centered on one character and there are some flashbacks or flashforwards. I think it’s impossible to pick one episode, at least for me because it has a lot to do with choosing a slice of my favorite character’s life, and as I said, I love many of them.

My favorites are: Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, Desmond and Mr Eko (my parents named their dog after him!) and Daniel Faraday. I’m also in love with the couple of Rose and Bernard!
I chose three episodes that resonate with me:
The 23rd Psalm for Mr Eko
Walkabout for John Locke
The Constant for Desmond

The 23rd Psalm is the first time we get to see who was Eko before and his flashbacks are amazing and terrifying. We also finally know more about the mysterious plane full of virgin Mary statues crashed in the jungle. And Eko faces Smokey and he is not even afraid!

Walkabout is the episode where we begin to understand that the island might not be all wrong and scary. We see that Locke was in a wheelchair when he got in the plane and has regain the use of his legs since the crash. What a twist!
We also hear Rose talk about her husband and being sure he’s still alive and i love her.

The Constant is probably the one that made me cry the most. Desmond is my number 1 throughout the show and i like Faraday too. We have an exploding mixture of love story and sci-fi and it’s exhilarating! We learn a lot about time in the story and how radiation could be responsible of weird phenomenon, this one is completely mind blowing.

So… What’s YOUR favorite episode, or who’s your favorite character? Tell me in the comments!



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