There are many of us who are totally and completely addicted to tv shows…
But i find it quite rare to feel like you’ve been really transcended by it. When the story resonates with you so much it’s even giving you a new perspective on life.
A show where every episode is perfectly thought out, written with such real-life experience in every word, every scene, every situation you can’t remain indifferent, whatever your own experience is.


I felt that with Skins a few years ago, but nothing like i’ve felt with the show i started watching last year: My Mad Fat Diary.

We are in 1996 in Lincolnshire. The story is about a 16 years old teenage girl Rae Earl, and her Gang ; Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop and Finn.
Rae is back from 4 months in a mental institution after she’s tried to kill herself.
We follow Rae in her troubled life with her mother, her best friend and obsession with boys. Despite her depression, we quickly feel that Rae is just another teenage girl like any other, but it takes time for HER to understand that, and mostly to understand that everyone has its own battles.

Most actors are not very famous but you will recognize Rae’s psychiatrist Kester, who played professor Quirell in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ! And Rae’s mom made an appearance in two Doctor Who episodes i love.

I started this show completely by accident, i usually love british tv shows (especially if strong accents are involved, it’s my sweet spot, like Kelly in Misfits ♥) and i ended up watching both seasons in a few days. The end was so brilliant and beautiful and without any cliffhanger but i was SO sad that it was over.


Two weeks ago, i heard there was gonna be a third season and i swear my heart made a little Beyonce style dance!
I watched the first two episodes, then the last third one… and i realised it was over, for good this time. It was just a little come back for the fans. In three episodes, i went through so many emotional stages, more than in a complete season of other shows. My eyes kept being watery for different reasons.

In the end, Rae’s story is a beautiful hope and self-acceptance tale.

I’m a groupie

5 juillet 2015
11 août 2015



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