It is a rare thing that i draw from something in my head. I usually prefer to draw people from reference pictures. I think it’s lack of confidence but let’s call it personal style!
But every once in a while i’ll have something so vivid pop inside my mind, i can see the composition, and light and every little detail, and so i HAVE to make it real. When this happens, it’s even more rare that i share the end product, because when you have high expectations, you’re usually disappointed. Having such a set vision makes it difficult to reach my goal and i haven’t often met my vision.

This time i did, and the title Midnight Bloom came naturally and it’s this very drawing that gave me the idea for the name and color scheme of my future next business (i talk about it here). It’s like all the planets aligned on this one!

I said i didn’t use any reference but that’s not true, i did use one for the house. I just searched through Pinterest for a victorian house and this one called my name…

I’d like to know if you can hear a story by looking at this illustration. Because i have a whole story in my head, i even know the name of the girl and the house, i know what she’s doing. I want to know if you can imagine too. That’s what i love about illustration, the storytelling that can hide inside every little corner and detail. And the fact that everyone can tell their own story.

Please, take a few minutes and tell me a story about what you think is going on, what do you think her name is, and everything else you want me to know!



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    30 avril 2020

    Elle s’appelle Jane et elle a trouvé un objet dans le grenier de la maison qu’elle pense pouvoir faire fonctionner à minuit un soir de pleine lune!!!

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      30 avril 2020

      oooohhh! Mais quel objet !?

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    30 avril 2020

    Un appareil à voyager dans le temps!


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