Hello bujo lovers and planning enthusiasts! Today, i want to properly introduce the first planner collection i ever created back in 2017.
I was inspired by paper marbling for this collection. How amazing is this technique?!

The whole collection includes a daily planner, a weekly planner, a meal planner, a bucket list, two to-do lists and one habit tracker.

On your daily planner, you’ll find several section to help organize your day, and focus on what’s important to you. The top section is for your most important tasks of the day, then you have a small meal plan section to write down your plan or ideas for meals or simply to journal what you ate so you can go back later, which can be helpful if your changing diets or just like to keep track of things. Then, you have a to do list where you can check what’s been done. A little ‘notes‘ section for everything your heart desire if you’re like me and think about very random things that don’t fit anywhere but you’ll most likely forget if you don’t put it on paper…
I added two small boxes for gratitude and what you’d like to change daily which i think is very empowering and mind-shifting. Finally you have a drink tracker to make sure you get those 8 glasses a day!

The weekly planner is a shrunken daily for writing only the essential, you’ll find most of the same features minus the meal plan but i’ve added a mood tracker and a small habit tracker.

The Meal planner is a big one! You get a lot: there are two weekly meal planners (different layouts) one monthly meal planner, a kitchen inventory and grocery list (with vegan options) and a nice seasonal fruits and veggies « poster » that you can keep on your fridge or bullet journal for checking what’s in season.

The habit tracker is a monthly setup for you to track everything you want, i like to track my migraines, workouts, etc. You can also use the outline method, which consists in drawing the square without filling it, it means you want to make this a habit, only fill it when you’ve made it and you’ll see if it needs improvement or maybe redefine your priorities.

To do lists in two different layouts, either for the week or the day.

And finally the Bucket list. You can totally tape it on your wall instead of putting it in a journal, this way you can keep an eye on it at all times and add things when the idea strikes.

The magical thing with printables is that you purchase and download once, and then you can use it forever!
If you like this collection but would like a slight modification, never hesitate to message me with your idea, i can customize to your need.



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