Don’t you ever wish you could start over with your home? Don’t you want to use a magic wand to erase everything and do it all over again on a clean slate? Don’t you ever feel eternally unsatisfied with what you got, wishing for that Pinterest thing you saw last week or this awesome stuff that you’ve been eyeballing for months ? Of course, you’re a 100% positive that these things will finally make your house a home, make it complete, make it you, right?

And yet, everytime you give in to your impulse and buy that last perfect stuff, nothing changes, your house still doesn’t look like your Pinterest board, or that cool blogger’s home… It seems like you can’t ever achieve your goal.

For me at least, it used to be like that every freaking time!

Then i read a book that completely shifted my perspective on how to handle my house. And i thought i would share it with you #sharethelove.

This book, i’m sure you heard about it, it’s The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo.

 I don’t think this book is for everyone. I, personally, am a really messy girl who loves all things organization and i’m always looking for new revolutionary ways to finally keep my house and things clean and tidy. So when i heard about this book (which was quite late because it took a looong time for it to be talked about in France), i through myself at it!

Marie Kondo is a japanese woman who’s always been obsessed passionate about tidying and organization, she literally spent her whole life elaborating a technique that would help us, mere mortals, to keep our houses perfectly clean and tidy, and mainly to keep it that way forever. Fantasizing yet?

The big secret is quite simple and everyone could have thought of it:

♦ We own and keep too many damn things

Rather that teaching you how to tidy your mess, Marie Kondo will show you the path to minimalism by teaching you how to throw away any superfluous thing (and maliciously teaching you that almost everything is superfluous).

According to her, if you follow her method literally, you’ll end up tidying up once and never again because everything will have a designated place.

#disclaimer I can’t say if this part of the method works, i was never able to totally finish my tidying because i gave birth to a miniature human being BUT what i did do until now was satisfying and stayed tidy since!

I’m gonna keep the explanations short because if you’re really really interested, i would recommend you read the book, but here is the thing you need to repeat yourself while tidying:

Does this spark joy ?

This is THE question to ask yourself while doing your spring cleaning. With every object-piece of clothing-furniture, ask yourself if it’s sparking any joy, or at least something positive, if not: trash (or donation obviously)!

Well… I think we can all agree that while going through your bills, you won’t be overwhelmed by a feeling of pure joy, you’ll just have to keep it if it’s important. But aside from this categorie, i think the question works. It helps you to not overthink every little thing like but is it waste? am i not gonna hurt the feelings of whoever offered this to me? I totally wore that dress once this year… Get my point?

Of course, this is not about throwing away everything, you can make piles: to throw away – to give – to sell.

Marie Kondo thinks there is a special order to follow for her method to work longterm. You need to sort your things out by categories, not by going room from room.

Here is a visual checklist i created that sums everything up so you can see a bit more clearly and know where to start from.

You start with your clothes, so you take ALL the clothes, from absolutely everywhere in your house, even those hanging in the entrance, even those laying on your bathroom floor or old closet, you put everything on your bed or on the floor and start to sort it out. And you do the same for every categorie, always bringing everything from one categorie to one place so you can see it as a whole. I have to say this part works quite well, it forces you to follow through, you can’t even walk on your floor anymore, you have to do something. Plus it makes you realize exactly how much you’ve hoarded!

I’ll wrap it up by saying that Marie Kondo is a total nut job that thanks her socks every night for their hard work. I, personnaly, wasn’t very responsive to those sections in her book but there is a good lesson to take out of all this.
We need to stop telling ourselves « if only i had —– then my house would be perfect ». We should be more grateful of what we already own instead of constantly buying useless things. We should take the time to love what we have, make a conscious effort towards buying things that truly spark joy: we should buy less but better.

I’ve barely started my sorting work and i’ve already realized the extent of the accumulation over the years. Things i don’t even use when i remember thinking it was essential while i was buying it. This book and what followed made me take a step back on my consumption habits and i’m trying to be a more reasonable buyer now.

Did you read the book? What did you think? Or if you didn’t, do you want to now?
What are your own little techniques for keeping your house tidy?

5 juillet 2016
25 novembre 2016



  1. Répondre


    14 août 2016

    Tout d’abord félicitations pour ton humain miniature 🙂

    Ensuite je n’ai pas lu le livre mais je me suis renseignée, et effectivement c’est une méthode qui marche plutôt bien. Le fait de « parler » aux objets me fait un peu penser à la citation « objets inanimés avez vous donc une âme », mais finalement c’est surtout à soi-même qu’on se parle.
    Et puis avec le zen, il y a tellement peu d’objets (et de temps à méditer) qu’on a bien le temps d’aimer et de remercier ses propriétés. Alors je pense que ça vient pour beaucoup du zen et du shinto japonais.

    L’important c’est que ce tri fasse réaliser ce que l’on aime vraiment 🙂 merci pour ton graphique en tout cas, il est très clair et joli!

    • Répondre


      15 août 2016

      Avec plaisir et merci à toi d’avoir pris le temps de me lire 🙂

  2. Répondre


    19 août 2016

    De rien ^^ tu es dans mes abonnements!
    Et sur mon blog dans les liens…oh, rien à voir mais si un jour tu as le temps (!!! quelle idée saugrenue) , n’hésite pas à gribouiller une petite sirène pour être plus visible dans mes liens. Biz et bon courage pour la vraie vie 🙂

  3. Répondre


    24 novembre 2016

    Haha, on est à fond dedans en ce moment ! tu couples ça à la lecture de Béa Johnson sur le zéro déchet et ça donne 45 sacs poubelles déposés à Emmaus 🙂 Oui, magique !

    • Répondre


      24 novembre 2016

      Hehe, c’est clair ! Avec le déménagement en plus ça aide à faire du tri, beaucoup de sacs poubelles y sont passés !


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