This is our last Illustration Wednesday*, at least for now, and i wanted to end it on a high note with Whoopi Goldberg.


The secret fifth movie i talked about last week with her and Maggie Smith was Sister Act (I & II).

I’m completely in love with these movies, especially the first one, they make you feel so good and happy. Plus they remind me of my childhood when i was watching them repeatedly on VHS.

Whoopi Goldberg is THE celeb i’d like to meet, or have dinner with. I feel like she’s had a thousand lives and would always have something interesting to talk about. Like she’s not a judgemental person and would put you at ease right away…

I had the extremely good surprise to see her in a new tv show i started watching 666 Park Avenue, with Locke from Lost and Renee from Desperate Housewives!

*P.S. : I’m taking some time off after my son’s birth but i’ll be back with new stuff!

5 juillet 2016



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