Today, i need to talk about Ezra. Ezra Miller.


He’s been my crush for 3 years now.

He played with Tilda Swinton in Crazy Amy and above all in We need to talk about Kevin.

That’s the movie i didn’t want to talk about last week to leave room for it today!

It’s the kind of movie that can’t leave you numb. Maybe not everyone likes it but you have to feel something. For me, it was a revelation, i recommend it to anyone that comes my way #creepy.
Once again, i won’t say too much about it because i don’t want to spoil it and there is very little you can say without giving away something important. I’d even advise to not watch the trailer!

Basically, we follow Kevin and his family from his birth to teenage years. From the start, her mother feels uneasy around her son, she finds his behaviour odd, especially towards her, but what kind of mother would say those things aloud? When she does try to speak about it, no one takes her seriously. When in fact, she’s the only one who detects that something is wrong.

I saw that he was gonna play in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, J.K. Rowling’s adaptation, i’m even more eager to see it now!



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