I’ve been using ‘Moppe’ Ikea box to store my makeup for a while now. My mom bought it for my sister, her and i a very (veryyy) long time ago, to store our scrunchies and headbands !

I’ve been seeing it every day for at least two decades and i’ve grown quite sick of it ! Plus, our bathroom is too small to display it there, so i have to put it right in the middle of our living room, which is the only place where there’s enough light for me to put my makeup on.

SO, here are the reasons that led me to DIY the f* out of it !

And here is the end result :

I decided to go with white paint and I had to fight with myself to not paint the details gold like everything else i DIY…
So instead, i chose fluorescent yellow and used masking tape to chose trace the areas where it would go.
I flipped each drawer so the hole would be hidden and i screwed the handles in place.

This was absolute hell, i bought them off Ebay and they were terrible quality. I sent the seller a hate discontent mail to let them know but i haven’t had any feedback.



I was very inspired by this pinterest image.

25 mai 2015



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