This monthly favorites is very TV show focused. Having a newborn means you don’t have a lot of time with your hands free, so anytime we can’t do anything else, we watch shows (standing up and rocking our baby most of the time)!

First is The Haunting of Hill House. I absolutely loved this show. The photography, the direction, the actors, the story, everything was amazing. I love the original story by Shirley Jackson and the movie with Liam Neeson that came out a long time ago (#imnotthatold), so i was very happy to come back to that house, even though it’s completely different. The names of the characters are the same but the storyline has nothing to do with the original, and i’ve been loving the creativity around it. We are following a family that moves into a house to flip it, but we can see from the start that something is wrong. We don’t know if it’s the house, some ghosts… It’s just very subtle and there are a lot of hidden meanings in each episode, i highly recommend if you like scary movies or shows, which i always have but this… it’s truly something else.

Then is The Boys which is yet another super hero story. When my partner talked me into watching this, i was like « not another Avenger type thing puuhlease », because i just can’t anymore, i feel like watching the same things over and over again with those franchises. But i quickly understood that it had nothing to do with all this and i really loved it.
Those super heroes are only super but not really heroes, it criticizes patriarchy and power, which we can easily relate to in our ‘normal’ lives.
Again the actors are amazing and i’ve always had a crush on Karl Urban so…

Last but not least is Looking for Alaska, an 8 episodes story based on the John Green novel.
Let me just say that i’m quite the emotional, easily-watery-eyes type, so don’t take my word for it maybe, but this show… every single episode made me laugh and cry (more like bawl) and feel. Lots and lots of feels. Typical John Green but even better!
The story of a boy who reads every book’s last sentences, who hasn’t lived yet and has a good heart, of a girl who has lived a lot and has a damaged heart. A tale about friendship, and love, and life. It’s powerful guys!

Next is finally something else than screen related. It’s a book. A different kind of book. I got it for Christmas from my mom who knows i’m completely obsessed by Chris Riddell’s illustration so she searches deep into the web to find everything he has done and gifts it to me whenever she has the chance 🙂
It’s called Art Matters and it’s written by Neil Gaiman and it’s just pure genius on every page. Here are my own favorite pages for you:

I think that’s it for february. What shows have you watched and loved recently? Anything to recommend? Not like i need any help in that department but i like to here about others thoughts!

28 février 2020


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    19 mars 2020

    Wath « The Umbrella Academy », it’s about super-heroes but like « The Boys » it’s very different than the usual super-heroes stuff. And it’s with Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan!!!


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