I hate labels… I’ll never say that i’m a vegan or a vegetarian. I’m just trying to be honest with myself, to be mindful of what’s happening in the world, in our society, or more precisely here, in our plates. I am more and more sensitive to animal condition (which totally is animal suffering) and its impact on our planet.

Every research on my part, every step of the way, teaches me that animal products is NOT necessary, like we are forced into thinking (what about your proteins?) and can even be dangerous to your health. I’m not here to spread propaganda or tell anyone what to eat or not to eat. I believe we’re all different and we all have different needs but mostly, we follow our own paths and we do what we think is good for us at one particuliar moment. It’s useless to point out someone’s way of eating; it won’t change until that person connects the dots on her own.
But yes, a calm and constructive discussion can speed things up !

With that said, I personally try to make a conscious effort towards no animal products but I’m not there yet. I mainly try not to support industries i don’t agree with, so if i want eggs i’ll take some from my neighboor’s hens, etc.

So, back to our delicious easy meal: vegan or vegetarian chili!

It’s a recipe i came up with a late night when we didn’t have much fresh food left and it’s so so easy.
You’ll only need three cans: one of kidney beans, one of lentils and one of peeled tomatoes. Add some garlic and onions, let it simmer a bit with spices of your choice and enjoy this comfort bowl of magical goodness.



That’s the vegan option. If you want a little extra, (a little less healthy) then add some chopped cheddar on top.

Serve your chili on top of some rice or in a tortilla with guacamole and salsa.

If you really want to print this recipe, clic on the image below to download the pdf but maybe it’s not essential
♥ let’s preserve our trees ♥

If you’re looking for more info on animal conditon or veganism, i recommend these videos:
a Ted Talk that i loved / and the classic but oh so hard to watch Earthlings narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

31 mai 2015
5 juillet 2015



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