I needed a dresser and after long hours of browsing the internet and dreaming over magnificent dressers, every one of them pricier than the other…
I decided to be reasonable, i know boring.

I started looking everyday on the website leboncoin (which is equivalent to Craigslist) for the one perfect dresser that would be cheap and customizable.

I finally found what i was looking for after a few weeks, i paid this dresser the outrageous price of 15€. So yeah, it’s not amazing, it’s damaged, the drawers don’t slide properly but hey i saw potential okay?!
I’m quite happy with the result.

The poor thing had suffered quite a bit of paint coats that i, unfortunately, couldn’t remove.

Heavily pregnant me puts on gloves and a mask and i started to sand the shit out of it!
I obviously couldn’t make it as good as new, the coats of paint are still visible, here is why, kids, you need to take off your makeup every night.

After lots of thinking, i ended up painting it only one color with discrete gold accents on the drawers and legs.
This dresser’s mission is to become a changing table for our future baby, that’s why i went all out with the intense color!

What do you think?

17 février 2016
24 février 2016



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