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  • Master Chore Cheat Sheet

    18 juin 2020

    I have a problem. I’m completely obsessed with organization but i can’t do anything until i have a perfect list with small manageable steps….

  • Marble Planner Collection

    9 mai 2020

    Hello bujo lovers and planning enthusiasts! Today, i want to properly introduce the first planner collection i ever created back in 2017.I was inspired…

  • Wizard Planning Collection

    28 février 2020

    I have created a whole planner collection inspired by J.K. Rowling’s world.With each planner you buy, you’ll get it in the four Hogwarts houses…

  • Baby Boys

    3 février 2020

    I’d like you to meet my team! Let me introduce you to our sons and take a peak at our birth announcements that i…