I’d like you to meet my team! Let me introduce you to our sons and take a peak at our birth announcements that i designed myself.

Our first son is named Adriel, he was born in april 2016.

He is now a loud and loving little boy who is going to turn four really soon, and if you’re a parent i’m sure you understand that i totally can’t wrap my head around that fact!

When i designed his birth announcement, first of all i had so much fun and that’s when i knew i would eventually create a shop where i would sell birth announcements, but i had this idea to turn it into a book.

We knew we eventually wanted another child, so just in case we would be lucky enough to have it happened,
i wrote « tome 1 » on the spine which means « book 1 ».

And here is our second son, Caleb who was born two months ago on november 2019.

I kept the whole design and used my initial idea of « book 1 » and wrote « book 2 », we decided to change the colour and used our first son’s favorite colour.

What do you think of our birth announcements?

I have a lot of birth announcement designs on my Etsy Shop CopperBoomBranding, so feel free to have a look around.
But if you have a crazy cool idea, don’t be shy and hit me up with a message to explain, i might be able to make it happen as a custom order!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for your kiddos.

28 février 2020



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