5 favourites of this month.

· 1 ·

A tattoo artist i found losing my time hanging out on Instagram: Tattooist Doy.
I fell in love with his work, it’s so impressive and delicate, i’ve never seen such fine lines in tattoos before.
I’m not sure but i think he handpokes them, he doesn’t use a machine!

I want to go to Korea just so i can get one of his tattoo.

Here is his instagram.

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This is a vegan recipe for Kung Pao cauliflower, which is crispy and spicy. It’s not as hard to make as it seems and it is so so so good!
I’m not really a fan of cauliflower but this recipe is just magic happening in your mouth at every bite.
The sauce is perfect and versatile, i now use it for any kind of noodles or vegetables.

You can find this recipe on Vegan Richa (it’s a gold mine for vegan food!).

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I heard about the app F.lux a long time ago but rediscovered it recently and it’s really a lifesaver, or rather an ‘eyesaver’. It was especially useful when i worked 9 to 6 on the computer in graphic design agencies.
This app fights against eye fatigue, it takes into account where you live to know when the sun rises and sets. It then adjusts the brightness of your computer according to those facts. So you won’t have an ultrabright screen that’s making you blind while it’s winter apocalypse outside!

You can download it here for PC. Also works on Iphone, Ipad, etc.

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I’m always on the lookout for good plant based recipes, because even if i’m not vegan, i try to eat healthier and more responsibly like i already talked about here.
Blogger Laura Wright wrote this recipe book that i bought myself recently, i find it awesome, super accessible regarding ingredients and cooking skills!

I only tested one recipe so far, which you can find here, it was really good, satisfying and easy.
i bought the book on Amazon.

· 5 ·

And finally, let’s talk about something cute. Baby shoes, who doesn’t like baby shoes, right?
Those are vegan baby slippers. That kind of slippers are really convenient but are often made of leather. Here is why i like this brand, they’re offering an alternative to leather but still really good quality.
I personally bought another brand to my son, because i couldn’t find not leather ones at the time, here are the ones i bought. They are okay but the insole detached itself quite soon and if i had to do it again, i would buy the Baby N’anya ones. I find them more ecofriendly and it’s supporting a mompreneur!

Here is her website. I heard about it while watching a video by the wonderful Ellen Fisher: you can watch it here.



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