I wish i had less tributes to pay on this blog…


He should have been my next illustration wednesday anyway. Because he is, i think, my very favourite actor of all time.
I couldn’t wait until next wednesday now, i needed to talk about him right now.

Alan Rickman, I’ve seen him in a movie for the first time when i was very little, thanks to my sister, who was watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves endlessly on VHS. I quickly followed her steps, i couldn’t say how many times i’ve watched this movie but let’s say the tape is worned!

When i was young, the Sheriff of Nottingham scared me a little bit, especially with his accomplice the old nails screeching witch (who died too a year ago…). But rewatching the movie as grown ups made my sister and i laugh so much, mainly this scene!

I would recognize his voice anywhere, he was such an impressive, scary yet friendly man.
I’ve loved him in particular in Snow Cake, Blow Dry, Love ActuallyPerfume: The Story of a Murderer, Sense and Sensibility, and of course in every Harry Potter movie.

The news of his death was such a deep shock, i obiously didn’t expect it at all. I imagined him becoming one of those grandpa actors that we all love like Ian McKellen or Donald Sutherland or Michael Caine! And mostly that we would get to enjoy his magical performances for a long time.

I love you.

After all this time ?

13 janvier 2016
20 janvier 2016



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