While browsing the internet searching for a birthday present for my old sister (mwah!) i fell into a rabbit hole of new consumerism possibilities that should have stayed hidden from me forever…

Enamel pins.

80’s vibe, cute designs, funny quotes… I just can’t resist.

I gave in to my new obsession and ordered my first pin while buying those for my sister, i chose this one. And now i’m screwed, it’s like tattoos, you have one, then two and three, and then you never stop! #downtherabbitpinhole.

So instead of emptying my bank account that already looks a bit like

I’ve decided to share my new passion with you.

Here is a (very) small selection of my findings on the World Wide Web, just clic on the image to go to the e-shop : 












Which one is your favourite???

21 juillet 2017



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