CopperBoom Branding opened in 2018 after years of preparation, dedication and love for graphic design. I took the leap when my first baby started to get older and i was willing to leave him in the care of others (he was 16 months old) but mainly, i realised i would never want to work for very big brands anymore.

I have been crafting beautiful brands since 2011 and my goal is to put my experience and knowledge at work for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I want to help you during such a special part of your business journey.
It’s my job to listen to your story and turn your vision into reality. I am able to work with you on single logo design or complete brand packages.

I offer premade logos at a very attractive price but i can also create one completely customized and unique to your needs.

The idea to create this shop came when i realised how easy it was for me to start my business because i was a graphic designer and creating a logo and setting up a blog or website was upon my reach but mostly it was free.
I wondered how someone who only had the beginning of an idea of a brand could ever be able to get a thoughfully designed logo that costs over 300$, 500$ or 1000$, when starting out. Of course, you can’t.

So i decided to create lovely customizable premade logos, that i could offer at a very small price for anyone who needed it, just because i could sell it multiple times. Obviously, it’s a lot less personal and branded than having a designer create YOUR logo, but when you need to start your business, it’s still way better than whipping up something on your own or using a google image… It looks professional, even though maybe someone in the world uses the same template as you do.
I also created extra customizable logos where you can choose from an array of illustrations and make it that much more personal.

Hygge Collection
Story Collection

Finally, i’m always more than happy to talk things over with you when you’re wondering what’s the best decision for you or when you’d like to go halfway through two of my premade designs. So never ever hesitate to ask me your questions!

You can take a look t the shop here!



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