I have a problem. I’m completely obsessed with organization but i can’t do anything until i have a perfect list with small manageable steps. I have those HUGE goals that i want to accomplish in every aspect of my life but i feel like it’s unachievable until i have broken it down in smaller steps.

One of those goals of mine, is to keep a clean and tidy home, when i’m a complete slob PLUS super busy mompreneur… Not the perfect combo.

That’s why i came up with these lists (one daily, one weekly, one monthly and one seasonal) of all the things we need to do to not get overwhelmed with a thousand chores at a time, or things that are impossible to clean because we’ve waited too long…

You know how life goes, you always feel like you have time, like it’s just a few crumbs, just a little bit of dust and then BOOM it’s been 6 months and it’s just plain dirty! Ok so this happens a lot when you have a brand new baby because i swear days aren’t the usual 24 hours. You blink and it’s another day (or night because who’s still sleeping at this point? Not me!).

So, those lists were created to tackle one task at a time, to help prevent the heavy duty cleaning. For example « wipe baseboards » once a month or « wipe mirrors » once a week. You can check it off when it’s done.
Download, print and stick this on the fridge or another high traffic space in your house, and let every household member help out, everyone can tick one thing when it’s done to let the others know that it’s been taken care of!

I hope they can be useful to you and your lifestyle. I can always modify them if you need them to be.
You can find those life-changing (yep) lists in my shop here.



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