– april favourites –

5 favourites of this month.

· 1 ·
A tattoo artist i found losing my time hanging out on Instagram: Tattooist Doy.
I fell in love with his work, it’s so impressive and delicate, i’ve never seen such fine lines in tattoos before.
I’m not sure but i think he handpokes them, he doesn’t…

– july favourites –

Some goodness for the eyes, belly and brain.

· 1 ·
These chunky cosy blankets are calling my sleep deprived self so bad.

· 2 ·
Here are ceramics made by Suite One Studio, everything is so magnificent… i dream about it at night.

· 3 ·
Anthropologie is the one store where i could…


This is our last Illustration Wednesday*, at least for now, and i wanted to end it on a high note with Whoopi Goldberg.

The secret fifth movie i talked about last week with her and Maggie Smith was Sister Act (I & II).
I’m completely in love with these movies, especially the first one, they…


Lady Maggie Smith.

My idol !
She played alongside Emma Watson from last week in every Harry Potter movie, of course.
But she also performed in a lot of other cool movies.
I would say my top 5 Maggie movies are: The Secret Garden, Hook, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (watch it, watch it, pleeeeaaase!), My…