Easy vegan or vegetarian chili

I hate labels… I’ll never say that i’m a vegan or a vegetarian. I’m just trying to be honest with myself, to be mindful of what’s happening in the world, in our society, or more precisely here, in our plates. I am more and more sensitive to animal condition…

May Favourites

I want to talk about some treasures i found this month and bought for our new appartment and for my pale ghost skin.
So here’s the Thing:

I bought this magical piece of decoration during Urban Outfitters sales and i’ve been using it in my bathroom to hold trinkets of all sorts,…

about me

{me at about 6 years old}

Welcome to CopperBoom !
I am Clarisse, i was born in Paris in 1989, where i have lived for 24 years.
After that, my partner and i decided to leave everything behind and live in a smaller city, Bordeaux.
So i quit my job as a graphic…