Stanley Tucci.

He is my sister’s first flame, she called dibs, but i’m a total fan of him ♥.stan1

My first memory of him is A Midsummer Night’s Dream where he played Puck.

He is that kind of actor who is unfortunately confined to supporting roles when he could be an amazing first role. So, of course he does the adorable sidekick very well but i would love to see him in a leading part someday (maybe he did and i ‘m not aware of it, in which case tell me NOW).

I love him in Easy A, where he plays the hilarious father of Emma Stone. And of course in every Hunger Games movie.

I often thought that with his smiley eyes and lovable face, he could never play a bad guy but boy was i wrong! His role in The Lovely Bones moved me to my core. I don’t want to say to much in case you haven’t seen it, and by the way if that’s the case, go, NOW! Go read the book watch the movie, it’s fantastic.



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    Marie B.

    24 février 2016

    C’est drôle, j’aurais dit que c’était toi la preum’s . Sinon, il a aussi réalisé des films et surtout un qu’il faut absolument que tu regardes. Ça s’appelle Blind Date (2007), il l’a réalisé et les 2 rôles principaux sont tenus par lui et Patricia Clarckson .

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      24 février 2016

      Ouuuhhhh, dis donc ! Je vais regarder ça vite vite vite !


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