Today’s inspiration : Liz Taylor, from American Horror Story’s last season.


She’s played by actor Denis O’Hare, an AHS loyal guest star, i think he is in every season except maybe Asylum.

I didn’t even know him before AHS first season, or at least i thought i didn’t because shame on me, he is in one of my favourite movies ever: Garden State.
Remember ? Abyss Albert, that cool dude who lives with his wife and baby in what he calls his arch!

Anyways, I thought i was discovering him in the show, and a little bit more in every season and every totally different role he played.
But in my opinion, this last role, he outdid himself, he was so amazing. I thought he was dazzling, both him and his character. His part is complex and very rare on our screens and he does it perfectly, you can feel his permanent battle always avoiding pathos and i think it’s these roles that make us slowly but surely evolve towards a better respectful and open-minded tomorrow.

Well done to the show’s creators and to Denis O’Hare for embodying Liz so well!

3 février 2016
11 février 2016



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    Marie B.

    10 février 2016

    J’adooooore! Ton dessin que je préfère et effectivement mon personnage préféré dans AHS.

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      10 février 2016

      Merciiiii <3

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