Drew Barrymore.


She’s a women i greatly respect, i feel like she’s been through hell before becoming who she is today, and she had to fight for it.
She seems so cool and relaxed, her personality attracts me a lot, without me knowing why exactly. I love her in everything she does, even really crappy movies (and she has her fair share of those, let’s not  bury our face in the sand). Her only presence is enough to make me smile and make me watch any movie!

I think i’ve seen her for the first time, like a lot of you, in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, then probably in Scream where it was short but intense!

I’ve also loved the first movie she directed Whip It starring Ellen Page and herself.

What’s your favourite movie with Drew ?

20 janvier 2016
3 février 2016



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