What if i talked about Mrs Classy today?!

Patricia Clarkson.patricia1

She played alongside Michael Clarke Duncan from last week in The Green Mile.

You’ve probably seen her in a million of movies, like Easy A, Shutter Island, Whatever Works, Jumanji or the awesome tv show Six Feet Under.

She is one classy lady, but she also has a lot of humour and is not scared of self-mockery, for example she participated in The Lonely Island stupidly funny videos like this one with Susan Sarandon: Motherlover.

Plus, she has a deep voice that makes you feel all warm inside, but maybe that’s just me…



  1. Répondre

    José Rodrigues

    24 mars 2016

    AMAZING work!!!

    That’s a good tribute!


    Note: Patricia Clarkson is my favorite actress of all time!

  2. Répondre

    José Rodrigues

    24 mars 2016

    Your illustration was made following a picture from Good night and Good luck, right?

    Image link: http://1.fwcdn.pl/ph/09/15/10915/241924.1.jpg

    Congratulations once more!

    • Répondre


      24 mars 2016

      Yes that’s right ! 🙂
      And thank you so much for your lovely comments, it means a lot.

  3. Répondre

    José Rodrigues

    24 mars 2016

    You’re welcome! You deserve more recognition, you’re so talented.

    I knew your site through of tag « Patricia Clarkson » on the tumblr!


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