I had to draw her at one point and today is perfect, i’m following the rules of my game and it’s allowing me to talk about a great movie, so unknown that i’ve never met anyone who had seen it when i talked about it.

Alexis Bledel.

Girl crush power 1000


So, the movie i’m talking about is called Violet & Daisy and it was actually filmed quite a long time ago but was only screened at Toronto International Film Festival at first. It wasn’t until two years after that that it was released and as per usual it wasn’t screened at all in France… It’s one of the last roles of James Gandolfini before his death.

I loved this movie, maybe i’m not totally impartial because there are these two actresses, Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel, that i completely have a crush on, but i spent a lovely time watching it. It’s wacky and funny and dark all at the same time. Saoirse and Alexis have insane personalities which is odd and fresh especially for Alexis because she often plays nice, pretty, ordinary girls.

They play the roles of two teenage immature assassins, who are hired to kill James Gandolfini and… i won’t say more !
Oh maybe just one detail that will convince you to watch it, i hope: you’ll also take a glimpse at Danny Trejo.
(i would advise you to NOT watch the trailer, it will spoil everything for you!)

I discovered Alexis like a lot of you in my favourite TV show Gilmore Girls.
It’s from this show that the name of my blog is coming from by the way. But that is a topic for another day.

Who’s next ?!



  1. Répondre


    9 mars 2016

    Ahahahah, j’aurais dû m’en douter 😉

  2. Répondre


    24 mars 2016

    <3 elle était aussi dans Sin City dans un rôle complètement à contre-emploi (Alexis en fille vulgaire ?! Finalement ça passe !). J'ai vraiment hate de la revoir avec la reprise de Gilmore Girls !

    • Répondre


      24 mars 2016

      Oui ! J’en parle un peu dans l’article de la semaine suivante 🙂 Moi aussi j’ai hâte !!!


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