You’re already a 100 to follow my Instagram page and i wanted to say thank you with a little giveaway that i’m so beyond excited about!

Two months ago, i opened my Etsy Shop CopperBoomStudios and started an instagram page to go along with it.
Now that we are 100, i wanted…

#BACKTOSCHOOL // free printable

To celebrate 50 followers on Instagram, i’m offering you a free printable of a flowery daily planner. I hope you’ll like it!

Just click on this image and you’ll get a pdf in 3 sizes: A4, A5 and letter.

Permitted Use: This file is for personal use only. This file may not be used…

A new addiction

While browsing the internet searching for a birthday present for my old sister (mwah!) i fell into a rabbit hole of new consumerism possibilities that should have stayed hidden from me forever…
Enamel pins.
80’s vibe, cute designs, funny quotes… I just can’t resist.
I gave in to my new obsession and…

Nice Cream – 3 ways

If you don’t already know the existence of nice creams, you’re welcome.

So, nice cream is like ice cream but better, it has no milk in it, it’s magical.
The texture is more like a soft serve.
The beauty of it relies in the fact that you can put any fruit in your nice…