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  • February Favorites

    2 mars 2020

    This monthly favorites is very TV show focused. Having a newborn means you don’t have a lot of time with your hands free, so…

  • TOP 10 / Horror Movies

    21 juillet 2017

    As far as i can remember, my favourite movie genre has been horror.
    The first one i watched was probably Scream when i was around…

  • A new addiction

    13 juillet 2017

    While browsing the internet searching for a birthday present for my old sister (mwah!) i fell into a rabbit hole of new consumerism possibilities…

  • TOP 10 / adapted movies

    2 juin 2017

    Following my top 10 kid movies from last time, here is my top 10 movies adapted from books.
    I’m not saying these are the best adaptations…

  • TOP 10 / kid movies

    12 mai 2017

    I’m starting a new series that i hope you’ll enjoy:
    my top 10 favorites movies in different categories.
    Today, i begin with my favourite categorie: kid…

  • // Poussey #OITNB //

    1 mai 2017

    photo by Jessica Yatrofsky

    Beautiful Samira Wiley.

    Don’t go read this article if you haven’t watch Orange is the New Black last season and last…

  • – april favourites –

    8 avril 2017

    5 favourites of this month.

    · 1 ·
    A tattoo artist i found losing my time hanging out on Instagram: Tattooist Doy.
    I fell in love with his…

  • – july favourites –

    5 juillet 2016

    Some goodness for the eyes, belly and brain.

    · 1 ·
    These chunky cosy blankets are calling my sleep deprived self so bad.

    · 2 ·
    Here are…