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    10 février 2016

    Today’s inspiration : Liz Taylor, from American Horror Story’s last season.

    She’s played by actor Denis O’Hare, an AHS loyal guest star, i think he is…


    3 février 2016

    Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    Yesterday was already the two years anniversary of his death.
    Once again, it hit me hard.
    The first movie I’ve seen him in was Patch…


    20 janvier 2016

    Today’s hero : Viola Davis.

    Viola Davis is my hero, my very own role model.
    If you’re not familiar with her, start by this video (grab the…

  • // ALAN RICKMAN //

    14 janvier 2016

    I wish i had less tributes to pay on this blog…

    He should have been my next illustration wednesday anyway. Because he is, i think,…


    6 janvier 2016

    I’m back with a new series that i hope you’ll enjoy, it’s Illustration Wednesday!

     I’ve decided to create this series to kick myself in the…

  • // My Mad Fat Diary //

    14 juillet 2015

    There are many of us who are totally and completely addicted to tv shows…
    But i find it quite rare to feel like you’ve been really…

  • 7th & 8th january 2015

    10 janvier 2015

    I won’t be talking about what happened, i don’t think i could ever tell anything more interesting or useful than what has already been…