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  • ◈ GIVEAWAY ◈

    13 octobre 2017

    You’re already a 100 to follow my Instagram page and i wanted to say thank you with a little giveaway that i’m so beyond…

  • ◈ Open for business ◈

    9 août 2017

    I’m so happy to announce the opening of my Etsy Shop!
    Welcome to Copper Boom Studios.
    I’m selling printable planners, art, labels, greeting cards and more. A…

  • TOP 10 / Horror Movies

    21 juillet 2017

    As far as i can remember, my favourite movie genre has been horror.
    The first one i watched was probably Scream when i was around…

  • TOP 10 / adapted movies

    2 juin 2017

    Following my top 10 kid movies from last time, here is my top 10 movies adapted from books.
    I’m not saying these are the best adaptations…

  • TOP 10 / kid movies

    12 mai 2017

    I’m starting a new series that i hope you’ll enjoy:
    my top 10 favorites movies in different categories.
    Today, i begin with my favourite categorie: kid…

  • // Poussey #OITNB //

    1 mai 2017

    photo by Jessica Yatrofsky

    Beautiful Samira Wiley.

    Don’t go read this article if you haven’t watch Orange is the New Black last season and last…


    27 avril 2016

    Lady Maggie Smith.

    My idol !
    She played alongside Emma Watson from last week in every Harry Potter movie, of course.
    But she also performed in a lot of…


    20 avril 2016

    Emma Watson.

    I’m not sure i need to say anything about her or introduce her!
    She was with Ezra Miller from last week’s illustration in a movie…