about me

{me at about 6 years old}

Welcome to CopperBoom !

I am Clarisse, i was born in Paris in 1989, where i have lived for 24 years.
After that, my partner and i decided to leave everything behind and live in a smaller city, Bordeaux.

So i quit my job as a graphic designer for luxury cosmetics (which made me absolutely more miserable every day) and started a new job designing wine labels and packagings. A year later, i got pregnant and during my maternity leave we decided to go for a new adventure, leave Bordeaux to get lost in the woods, even deeper in France !
5 months after the birth of my baby boy, we went to live in the mountains in my sister’s house, not far from my parents’ house.

My partner is now training to become a marble worker and i am juggling between taking care of our son and working from home on my Etsy Shop – CopperBoomStudios and this blog which is harder than i could ever think with a baby that can’t survive five minutes without me (yes i haven’t peed alone in 19 months #momlife).

So, bear with me while i try to put my life in order and take you along in this journey with us !

Send me your questions, business inquiries or any other thing you want to share with me at clarisse@copperboom.fr.


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